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 My son has turned 5 this month. We celebrated his birthday this weekend at a friend’s house who donated their living room and pool to our cause  I am a lil depressed that he is growing so fast but if you are a parent or know one – you definitely know the feeling or have heard it be stated!It is the truth-one day you’re putting on diapers and the next you’re giving them away on their wedding day…ahhh…I can definitely sit back and await that day, lol. 

So – thru all this it made me think fondly about my childhood “fantasies” because I am constantly reminded of my children’s.  I’ve had a small issue recently with inspiration. I don’t want to go as far as to say its “Artists Block” but I do have a tad lack of inspiration. I want to create-I’m just at a loss at WHAT. I am also eager to create it seems because I want to be as good as the images I create in my head, and creating MORE WILL EVENTUALLY GET ME THERE. Practice makes perfect!  [now i’m blabbering…] 

 When it came to this piece it was mainly inspired because of my children and how envious I am of their imagined reality and outlook. At first all I had were the stock photos. I held onto them for a couple of weeks in Photoshop without even touching them.

 I knew I wanted to use them I just didn’t know for what until my eight year old daughter made a comment about traveling the ocean in a cardboard box after seeing the stock, and THERE IT WAS. I learned that sometimes the right inspiration is a child and their imagination.I can’t leave it all to the imagination because that’s 80% of art, but it was my CHILD’S imagination that made this one. 

 This piece is named “Serendipity” and is dedicated to my 5-year-old son, Aidan. I shall use their imagination and fantasies from now on. 


Happy Birthday Aidan James~MY HEART AND SOUL


This is the 3rd piece I ever created. I made it for my father.He wanted a nice background for his motorcycle.  It was an easy manipulation, but the selection of the bike from its original photo proved to be a very tedious job. 


(*This blog post was originally posted on Wednesday June 26, 2013 at http://karahrobinsoncreations.blogspot.com/ )