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“A Learning Process”


It has been a while since my last post. Being as I don’t have many followers yet I don’t guess that’s an issue.    I’ve been so very busy trying to learn how to paint digitally. I’ve been asking my artist friends for advice or tips,but  there has been a major communication error.  I have been so frustrated due to the fact -I KNEW there were tutorials for the effect I was so anxiously searching for, but after searching through  hundreds of tutorials on Google or the ones my friends forwarded me too-they were either VERY expensive or either it was NOT what I was looking for. Needless to say- after tediously searching for an entire week I finally found this very simple yet very informative (to me, at least) tutorial!
(Portrait Paint Over Tutorial )
I  obviously was not typing in the exact ‘wording’ for the correct tutorial.  I was unaware (along with everyone I have mentioned it too) that “Digital Painting” is NOT the same as “Digitally Painting Over”. 
Who would have thought? (ugh…word play…) I have NOT done any work since this new art i want to learn has entered my mind, and now that I have finally found what I’m looking for it is going to take time to get it down pat and tweak it to my liking. I am going to try to fit in a manipulation or two while I am learning though. 

About two weeks ago before I was completely immersed in learning how to “paint over”- I was aimlessly practicing a very minimal  painting effect. I created the first piece below named “The Eye Of The Dragon”. I am not any where perfect yet and I have noted that to all of my followers and on this blog, but this piece makes me feel like progress in the right direction is definitely being made.   I realized half way through that the woman and the dragon took too much of the left side up so I had to actually create a dragon tail from scratch (drawing has never been a friend of mine–I am horrible at drawing  ) and then paint on scales and everything else to make it look like it belonged to the dragon. I guess the real opinion of the art lies in you.

I of course am my own worse critic and felt like the tail looked a little misplaced so I added a lot of shadow to that area of the picture, but all in all I guess its pretty good for only my 10th or 11th photo manipulation. I feel that this is definitely where my calling is. I will still continue my photography, but I will have more fun manipulating it afterwards i’m sure…:D   Hope everyone has a good weekend and I truly appreciate you reading!
Hopefully soon my subscription volume will increase!  Please feel free to add your opinions , critique  advice, tips, love…whatever ..below in the comments! I am not afraid of constructive criticism ~Every artist needs to hear it !  😉 –  I STRIVE for awesome comments from my followers too…you guys are the ones that encourage me to imagine and create!     

         “The Eye Of The Dragon”

The Eye of the Dragon
This picture below is the third manipulation I’ve created. It was admittedly a simple task because I only had to select the model from her original background and post her into a white background. From there I added paint strokes, a little dodge and burn in some areas and so forth. At the time I was learning how to actually fit the subject correctly into a background and make it look as if she wasn’t placed in.
* (All Stock was used with permission. Their credits are posted at these links: “The Eye Of The Dragon” and “Dispair”.)
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 My son has turned 5 this month. We celebrated his birthday this weekend at a friend’s house who donated their living room and pool to our cause  I am a lil depressed that he is growing so fast but if you are a parent or know one – you definitely know the feeling or have heard it be stated!It is the truth-one day you’re putting on diapers and the next you’re giving them away on their wedding day…ahhh…I can definitely sit back and await that day, lol. 

So – thru all this it made me think fondly about my childhood “fantasies” because I am constantly reminded of my children’s.  I’ve had a small issue recently with inspiration. I don’t want to go as far as to say its “Artists Block” but I do have a tad lack of inspiration. I want to create-I’m just at a loss at WHAT. I am also eager to create it seems because I want to be as good as the images I create in my head, and creating MORE WILL EVENTUALLY GET ME THERE. Practice makes perfect!  [now i’m blabbering…] 

 When it came to this piece it was mainly inspired because of my children and how envious I am of their imagined reality and outlook. At first all I had were the stock photos. I held onto them for a couple of weeks in Photoshop without even touching them.

 I knew I wanted to use them I just didn’t know for what until my eight year old daughter made a comment about traveling the ocean in a cardboard box after seeing the stock, and THERE IT WAS. I learned that sometimes the right inspiration is a child and their imagination.I can’t leave it all to the imagination because that’s 80% of art, but it was my CHILD’S imagination that made this one. 

 This piece is named “Serendipity” and is dedicated to my 5-year-old son, Aidan. I shall use their imagination and fantasies from now on. 


Happy Birthday Aidan James~MY HEART AND SOUL


This is the 3rd piece I ever created. I made it for my father.He wanted a nice background for his motorcycle.  It was an easy manipulation, but the selection of the bike from its original photo proved to be a very tedious job. 


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