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My First Blog Post :)


My First Blog Post 🙂

I am really excited to finally have a blog. I’ve wanted one for years I just didn’t think my artwork was up to par-enough to where people might actually enjoy it. I am self- taught with Photoshop and there was SO much to learn-(I still don’t know it all) but my works just were not as beautiful as I wanted them to be. I didn’t know how to place people into a background correctly or how to completely work with layers, but after three tedious months and A LOT of dedication and a billion hours on my computer watching youtube tutorials( thank God for the people who use their time to teach people like me for FREE ) I figured I was well enough to finally join my favorite art site, (DeviantArt) and post my work.
When I joined I only had my photography to upload. In a matter of three days I had the sweetest comments I’ve ever read underneath my photos that I at first didn’t feel worthy enough to even be posted. I started to be “watched” (DeviantArt lingo for “followed”) and people started faving my works and before i know it Im downloading free stock attempting to do REAL photo manipulations. I’ve done manipulations before but they are not anything like i am doing now. I have literally surprised myself.
I am not bragging at ALL and saying my work is absolutely jaw dropping because it is no way near there. I am just grateful to all the people at DeviantArt that truly made me feel like I was capable to create something beautiful that the world would actually enjoy. Even if it isn’t museum material- Its DeviantArt material and that is good enough for me 

I will hopefully start getting viewers on here soon so my work can be exposed a little more, and hopefully people will react to it as well as my DA friends have and I will be just as motivated. What I’m saying is-This blog will be used as a place for me to share my work and thoughts. As it goes in the art world – a persons art is usually inspired by thoughts, emotions, and feelings- as mine is- so unlike in the real world I might just feel comfortable enough to add a description to my work for reading entertainment.
I appreciate everyone who has supported me and will-I hope to continue to please my subscribers and followers on this site and my others. Thank you so much for reading. xox

My First Manipulation Ever: (Can you point out all the mistakes? LOL) 

First Manipulation

First Manipulation




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