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know when to fold ’em


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Continuing with my focus this month on women with bad reputations…

Kitty Leroy was a saloon owner, gambler, dancer, prostitute, madame and trick shooter in the old west. She was born around 1850 in either Texas or Michigan.

By all accounts, Kitty was a very, very bad girl with a very, very bad reputation. She married her first husband at the age of 15 and wed 4 more times before her violent death at the age of 28.

Rumor has it that when she fought and attacked one of her lovers, the man refused to hit her back because she was a woman. She immediately left the room and came back dressed as a man and challenged him again. He still refused to draw his gun so she shot him, only wounding the poor bastard, and then married him (I like her screening process.)

Kitty landed in Deadwood in 1876…

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