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I am taking commissions now! 

Please message me here or at my email address stated below if you are interested in getting any of the following done: 

* Photo Restoration 

* Photo Edits

* Photo Manipulation

 I am also selling my current artwork at low prices!! 
You can view my art gallery @ GALLERY

*Fine Prints
*Greeting Cards
*Mouse pads
*Wall Art
*Fridge Magnets
(*You can also purchase your work to be printed in the above options. Purchased artwork will not have a watermark on the front side.Deviation love)

:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletblue: MY COMMISSION POLICY:

1 I will only accept one commission at a time.They will be taken as a first time basis. (Meaning you may have to wait until I finish a work to submit yours) Right now, I’m starting out slow, and I’m charging lower introductory rate prices while I establish myself a bit with more commissions.I have the right to raise my prices if the work takes longer than 3 days to finish. (Larger art works)

2. My process is, when I quote an offer, I will look it over and if interested, I will try it out first with a rough draft BEFORE officially accepting the commission request. I want to be sure it’s something I can handle first, before taking payment.

3. If there is a problem or any reason I am not able to fulfill my obligation, I will notify the buyer and refund the payment immediately.

4.I hold the right to deny the work if I feel it is not a possible job depending on my skills.

5.I will email the customer a rough draft of the work he./she has requested and if the buyer is satisfied I require payment through Paypal/Google Wallet at that time, and once the payment has been  received I will deliver the work.
6.Concerning Photo Manipulations the buyer is requested to provide the legal stock photos in order to finish the project.

Thank you for reading and understanding these rules. I can not take commissions until these rules have  been read and accepted buy the buyer.

Please contact me @ for any inquiries or questions!!



(The deposit can not be returned, but it will be used to pay for the commissioned art work once it is finished.)


~Thank you for reading~

Pink Carnation


Im quite happy. Id have to say this is one of my best photo manipulations!! As much as I practice its about time something turns out perfect!! Computer addict.  

My most recent art is called “Pink Carnation” and I have dedicated it to a really good friend I met on DA. Hope youll enjoy?! 


So- If you are interested in commissioning me to make something in particular for you~comment me here or email me @ :D 

Thank you for looking :wave: